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Jacksonville Concert Limo Service by Elegant Limousines (386) 793-1077

Elegant Limousines Jacksonville & Ponte Vedra Limo Service

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The Ever Bank Field or as you may remember it Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville Florida hosts a ton of concerts and special events all year. So how do you plan on getting to and from these events ? How about taking a Jacksonville Limo ? By booking with a Limo Service in Jacksonville you can skip all the headaches that can come with concerts in Jacksonville. Door to door service and your very own private limousine make this a stress free trip. Why fight with traffic and hope to find a parking spot. Oh and my favorite is try getting out of the parking lot at the end of the show. I wish I rented a Jacksonville Limo Service for the last concert I went to. It was about 10 years ago. Well the show got out at like 11pm and I got stuck in the lot till like 2 am. This will not happen with Limos in Jacksonville. Your Limousine would be in the VIP Limo lot and even if you do get stuck in some traffic, who cares !! your in a Limo sit back, relax and grab a cold beer from the ice chest and ask your self, why you waited so long to book a Jacksonville Limo Service.

Book a Limo for the Florida Georgia Game. Look at all the people that come from all over to see Florida and Georgia dook it out. Well the smartest and coolest way to attend this historic event is with a Limousine Service in Jacksonville. Elegant Limousines has been servicing Jacksonville for 6 years now. So we have been to many games and events in Jacksonville. When our clients reserve Limos in Jacksonville or Limos in Ponte Vedra they know they are in good hands. The stadium has a lot that is designated for Limos. This is Lot Q. Well if you know how the lots are set up at Ever Bank Field then you would know this lot is way to far from the stadium to call this VIP anything. So Elegant Limousines Jacksonville Limo Service makes it a point to obtain parking permits to lot N or lot P. Hear is a picture of us parked in lot N. You don't get much closer than this. Your Limo will be in this lot during the entire event. So you can come out and enjoy the Limousine and grab a cold one.

The type of limo you will need for the concert or game day will depend on how many people in your group and how much fun you really want to have. Elegant Limousines is the only Limo Service in Jacksonville with a tail gate trailer. Who said you can't rent Limos in Jacksonville and have a tail gate party to ? Our 20 passenger Excursion Limousine can bring along our enclosed tail gate trailer. This Limo in Ponte Vedra is about 50 feet long and ready to have some fun. Bring everything you need. The last group we took to the Florida Georgia game in our Excursion Limo had the trailer filler with chairs, 2 canopies, about 5 coolers oh and the grill. Yeah they brought the grill. I like to see you do that with a normal Jacksonville Limo.

So in closing. If your going to the game. GO IN STYLE !!

Elegant Limousines of Palm Coast Inc.
(386) 793-1077

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